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If you are paying too much for the loan you signed up for, LenderExchange can help. LenderExchange.com is secondary loan marketplace that enables borrowers to find a buyer for their loans and get a new loan at a lower rate. Simply create an account, tell us about your situation, and what you're looking for, and we'll search our network of lenders for a better deal. Note: not everyone qualifies for a better rate - but for those that qualify, the savings can be significant.

Personal Loans

Find a better P2P provider

Many peer-to-peer lenders charge top dollar to customers when they are at their most vulnerable - resulting in rates that can top 25%, or even 50% on an annualized basis. In some cases, these rates may be justified - but in many, they are much higher than market rates - meaning there are better rates out there for you to find.

Small Business Loans

Stop paying too much to your lender

Small business peer to peer loans can be expensive. Lenders can sometimes charge up to 3% or even 6% per month to factor invoices, supply capital for equipment, or provide cash advances when banks hold up cash unnecessarily. LenderExchange can often find rates that are half what you're paying now - why not try it and see?

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September 5, 2015

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As everyone knows, your FICO score determines your creditworthiness - at least in the United States. And as everyone also knows, the factors that go into making up that score remain somewhat shrouded in mystery.

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September 28, 2015

Shared: Five Things New P2P Borrowers Should Know - by Peter Renton (2,611 Views)

The number of times a borrower has applied for credit recently (within the last six months) can have a dramatic impact on your interest rate and whether you are approved for a loan at all. For example at Lending Club if you have a FICO score below 740 and have more than three credit inquiries in the last six months then your loan application will be rejected outright. Prosper doesn’t disclose an exact formula like this but I would guess they have a similar rule...

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May 29, 2015

Entrepreneurs - A Little Accounting Knowledge Can Make a *Big* Difference (2,286 Views)

A number of years back, I was approached by a company in that needed some help finding a strategic partner. The company, based in Asia, was doing pretty well. They had some partnerships with some top brands, a solid customer list, and revenues were growing nicely. What they needed was a US-based strategic partner with money to invest and the ability to push their products into that market.


Harveen Narulla

Co-founder, Hatcher Pte Ltd

John Sharp

Co-founder, Hatcher Pte Ltd

"We are one of the most active investors in fintech right now, and we believe the next hot area for venture investment is going to P2P2 (secondary peer-to-peer markets). For too long, lenders have been exploiting borrowers by lending at rates that are too high.

"Secondary markets such as LenderExchange.com will help borrowers level the playing field by providing a forum (and a marketplace) designed to address - and correct - this issue. That's why we're backing LenderExchange - we are strong believers in what this company is looking to achieve."